Sunday, 18 October 2015

There's nothing like French sunglasses...

A while ago now, I got a message from a friend asking if he could send my contact info. to the distributor for Julbo Eyewear here in Canada, "what?! Um, yes...of course! Holy crap!" For all the time I spend in the mountains; skiing, alpine climbing, running, sunbathing (OK, not really sunbathing) but you get the idea, having a slick pair of sunglasses is kind of key. I spend a lot of money on good sunglasses. I also lose a lot of good sunglasses, or sit on them, or drop them into holes. You know how it is. So, to be connected with Julbo, and learn that they were actually interested in giving me their sunglasses to wear, I was like, "whoa!" 

I figured I should share the good news with all of you out there, my fair reader, since it's momentous for me, and my Mom will really like to read this. Julbo glasses aren't just any sunglasses, they're French sunglasses. And if the French can make delicious pan o' chocolate, they definitely can make good sunglasses. OK, but in all honesty, they make fantastic sunglasses, that I have already been using for quite some time. I'm really honoured to have been given the chance to join the Canadian team and I will proudly wear my bright pink Megève or slick black Whoops at any opportunity. Et voilà!